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Author Patrick Brigham -  Mystery Novelist a journalist I witnessed the changes in this once hard core Communist Country...

Patrick Brigham

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The author Patrick Brigham has recently written four good mystery books, including Herodotus:The Gnome of Sofia, Judas Goat: The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery,Abduction: An Angel over Rimini and most recently, The Dance of Dimitrios. He has also published his first play, which is called Judicial Review.  


Set once more at the end of the Cold War and Communism, his most recent book also features the jazz loving, classic car enthusiast and fictional police murder detective, Chief Inspector Michael Lambert. Faced with political intrigue and in order to solve cases which often involve Eastern Europe, he genuinely needs to understand how old Communists think, during the course of his investigations.  


There are few good books on the subject of international crime, especially mystery stories which delve into the shady side of politics. There are also few mystery novelists, who are prepared to address the thorny political issues of arms dealing, money laundering, people trafficking and terrorism, in their mystery crime fiction.   As a recently seconded officer to Europol - the new federal European police force – DCI. Michael Lambert will bring a refreshing new slant to good crime fiction books, as they emerge in the future, from the pen of the author Patrick Brigham.

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